Thank you The California Endowment

The California Endowment is providing the allocation of $10,000 to the Southeast Fresno Community Economic Development Association, Inc. to help us in our capacity building efforts.  This allocation is very important to us as we start our fundraising efforts. SEFCEDA members look forward to partner with The California Endowment and other community based organizations in improving economic conditions in Southeast Fresno.

 Business Journal reports on SEFCEDA.

The Fresno Business Journal recently reported the initial work being performed by SEFCEDA.  The report acknowledged that economic conditions and unemployment in Southeast Fresno are worse than other parts of the City of Fresno. Those conditions were instrumental in the formation of SEFCEDA.  Members of the Board of Directors have set three important priorities to help improve those conditions:  Improve the skills and education of the workforce, promote the attraction, retention and expansion of businesses and improving the overall quality of life by the expansion of recreational and health opportunities.  We appreciate the efforts of the Business Journal for acknowledging the commitment of Southeast Fresno residents, businesses, partner organizations and our Board to improve this part of Fresno for the benefit of the entire City of Fresno


Business Advisory Workshop a Success, More to Come.

 The first Business Advisory Workshop held at Javier’s Mexican Restaurant last April was a total success. Tips on how to increase sales, how to generate more walk-in traffic and information about how to comply with the American Disabilities Act was well received by about 30 business owners. The U. S. Small Business Administration, the Small Business Development Center and Yamabe & Horn Engineering, Inc. assisted in the presentation of this information.

Upcoming Business Advisory Workshops.

Two business advisory workshops are being scheduled for the months of July and September this summer.  Upcoming topics will include the importance of social media, legal requirements for the hiring of workers, advertising and city requirements for the posting of signs, government programs available for the hiring of employees at a very low cost.  More details available in the near future. Additionally, two social mixers for our members and other Southeast Fresno friends will be scheduled the months of June and August, 2012.  Look forward to having your attendance and participation.




Regional Economic Conference in San Jose

A statewide economic development conference with the participation of representatives from  all California regions met in San Jose  to explore ways of improving economic conditions in our state.

SEFCEDA’S  President & CEO Jose Leon Barraza attended and participated at this event to stay in contact with developments and proposal that could impact Southeast Fresno.  SEFCEDA’S President had the opportunity to meet briefly with Senator Michael Rubio who expressed an interest in attending one of our upcoming business events.  Barraza  also briefly met with  Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearingen , Brian Angus, Executive Director of the Fresno County Economic Opportunities Commission and Luis Santana, Executive Director of Reading and Beyond.




Meeting with Belmont/Kings Canyon  Merchants Association.

Members of SEFCEDA’s Executive Committee and staff met with representatives from the Belmont/Kings Canyon Merchants Association to explore ways of working together in assisting businesses  in Southeast Fresno.  More discussions will continue to jointily as future events are being planned in Southeast Fresno.


Graduation ceremonies

Congratulations to all the students graduating from all the educational institutions in the Central Valley.

The graduation ceremonies of Fresno City College included a high number of minority students. We know that the improvement in economic conditions in our region requires the increase on the number of students that graduate from these institutions.

Implementation Plan Work Continues.

Emerson Estrada, SEFCEDA’s Vice chair has been heading a committee in charge of preparing an implementation plan for SEFCEDA.   Initial events have been targeted to help Southeast Fresno  businesses. Efforts on capacity building for SEFCEDA are underway with the hiring of grant writers and more programs to target residents  and the promotion of better recreational facilities and health services in Southeast Fresno.


Meeting  with  CSUF Business Students.

Californian State University, Fresno students  who are members of the Latino Business Club espressed an interest to participate with SEFCEDA to help residents and businesses of Southeast Fresno.  We are looking forward to get the student’s support in this regard.

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