Community Profile

The economic and social conditions of Southeast (SE) Fresno reflect similar contrast to the rest of the City and County of Fresno and the Central Valley of California where it is located.   An analysis of 2005-2009 American Community Survey Estimates and available 2010 US Census data presents two different community profiles for SE Fresno.  An area with a higher concentration of poverty is located in neighborhoods generally located west of Peach Avenue.    A more prosperous area in SE Fresno is located east of Peach Avenue.  This area includes newer housing neighborhoods and a wealthier, well-established unincorporated community referred to as Sunnyside.  Sunnyside also has a golf course and a small park.

SE Fresno is one of the most ethnically and socially diverse regions of the city.  The community assets and landmarks of SE Fresno include Huntington Boulevard, Roosevelt and Sunnyside High Schools, Fresno Pacific University, the Big Fresno Fair, the Mosqueda Center, and the Internal Revenue Center. The neighborhoods surrounding these landmarks stand out for the abundance of trees and greenery.

The implementation of the SEFCEDA Strategy for the economic prosperity of SE Fresno will encourage the investment of resources   and will promote improving economic conditions for the benefit of all Fresno region residents.

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