Upcoming Projects

The area East of Peach avenue is also expected to have the implementation of the Fancher Creek and Trail Project. This project is under development at East of Clovis and Tulare and will include 1,800 residential units, 1 million sq. ft. of commercial space and a 1.5 million sq. ft. business park. The vision embodied in this project marries a variety of outdoor recreational experiences of a lush valley riparian corridor that will unify this urban development. Initial stages of construction are already in process in the residential and business park areas. This project if implemented will have a positive impact to the SE Fresno region and its success will depend on continued efforts to train the residents of SE Fresno and the region and increase their buying power as proposed by SEFCEDA.

Additional long term-planning for the greater SE Fresno area is underway for a 14 square mile urban community called the Southeast Growth Area (SEGA) located east of Temperance, south of the City of Clovis, and west of the City of Sanger to accommodate the future growth of Fresno with state of the art planning efficiencies. This project has a specific futuristic growth plan for the construction of a new urban area that claims to offer new residents with employment an industrial development, major shopping centers, medical facilities, schools and other amenities related to recreational and alternative transportation.

Recent economic problems encountered by the City indicates that the implementation of SEGA may need to be postponed indefinitely. There are no major growth plans being offered for the neighborhoods located West of Peach Avenue in Southeast Fresno. However, a couple of two encouraging projects are emerging. A small portion of SE Fresno is being included as part of the City of Fresno Downtown Neighborhoods Community Plan update and the revision of the City’s Zoning Ordinance hoping to streamline the development process and a Merchants Association is being proposed by the Fresno Redevelopment Agency for the businesses located along the Ventura/Kings Canyon Corridor. This may help in the marketing of these SE Fresno areas.

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