Message of CEO

The Southeast Fresno Community Economic Development Association (SEFCEDA) has selected Southeast (SE) Fresno as its target service area because of the economic challenging conditions in many neighborhoods of this community.  These conditions have gotten worse in light of the current economic recession and the severe reductions in the funding of services by local, state, and federal government sources and school districts.

Our organization recognizes that is not possible for government alone to resolve the problems and needs of our community, and that it is very important for residents to participate in seeking solutions to address deficiencies in our neighborhoods. The improvement of economic conditions of the Southeast Fresno area proposed by SEFCEDA will reduce poverty and will improve the quality of life of the residents of the region. When more residents are employed, businesses prosper, more revenues flow to the local economy, and more tax revenues are received by all levels of government. A successful community economic development program benefits all taxpayers of the region whether they participate in this program or not. The implementation of the SEFCEDA Strategy for the economic prosperity of SE Fresno will encourage the investment of resources and will promote improving economic conditions for the benefit of all Fresno region residents.

For more information contact me at (559) 708-7101 or e-mail me at Your help, participation, and financial support is welcome. Join SEFCEDA today.

Juan Manuel Saavedra

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